Steel Types

Cold Work
Tool Steel

Cold work tool steels are alloyed with various combinations of elements depending on the application.

These are steels used mainly between room temperature and up to 250c. They have good dimensional stability, toughness & wear resistance.

Cold Work Steel Categories

There are three categories:


  • Shear blades
  • Punches
  • Cold heading dies
  • Blanking tools
  • Cold rolls and flanging rolls
  • Pressure rolls
  • Cutting and punching tools for thin sheet
  • Profile rolls
  • Drawing and deep drawing tools
  • Embossing dies
  • Thread rolling dies

Cold Work Steel Stock

1.1730           Download Datasheet

1.2080           Download Datasheet

1.2067           Download Datasheet

1.2162           Download Datasheet

1.2358           Download Datasheet

1.2363           Download Datasheet

1.2379           Download Datasheet

1.2436           Download Datasheet

1.2510           Download Datasheet

1.2550           Download Datasheet

1.2601           Download Datasheet

1.2631           Download Datasheet

1.2764           Download Datasheet

1.2767           Download Datasheet

1.2787           Download Datasheet

1.2826           Download Datasheet

1.2842           Download Datasheet

A Tool Steel Supplier You Can Trust

AKM are the UK agent for Doerrenberg. They have one of the largest stocks of tool steel in Europe, sited across 5 locations in Germany.

AKM can offer random lengths and bars sawn to length, along with black and pre-machined plates or blocks in a very short time.

We are always happy to help with your steel specification for your required applications.

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries or need any further information.

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