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Cold Working Tool Steels

Extensive Range - Expert Advice

Cool or Cold Work Tool Steels are alloyed in various combinations to exhibit a
good wear resistance and toughness; they are mainly used at room temperature.

Good machinability and dimensional stability on heat treatment is expected from
Cool Work Tools Steels; resistance to high temperatures is not required.

They are divided into 3 categories:

1. Air hardening steels
2. High carbon and high chromium steels
3. Oil hardening steels

Wear resistance and toughness are key properties to consider when specifying;
for tools which are subject to continuous wear the steels which demonstrate
high hardness levels should be chosen. Toughness can be lower as there is
no or minimal impact. For tools which will be subjected to both wear and impact,
the steel grades which possess both properties should be chosen.

For high impact applications, such as shear blades and punches, toughness should
always have the priority before wear resistance. We are always happy to help and
advise with your specification.

A list of our Cold Work Tool Steels available for order is detailed in the table below:-

Material No. DIN Designation Datasheet
1.730 C45U Download PDF
1.2067 102Cr6 Download PDF
1.2080 X210Cr12 Download PDF
1.2162 21MnCr5 Download PDF
1.2311 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4* Download PDF
1.2312 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4* Download PDF
1.2316 X38CrMo16 Download PDF
1.2345 X50CrMoV5-1 Download PDF
1.2358 60CrMoV18-5 Download PDF
1.2363 X100CrMoV5 Download PDF
1.2379 X153CrMoV12 Download PDF
1.2436 X210CrW12 Download PDF
1.2510 100MnCrW4 Download PDF
1.2550 60WCrV8 Download PDF
1.2601 X165CrMoV12 Download PDF
1.2631 X50CrMoW9-1-1 Download PDF
1.2714 55NiCrMoV7 Download PDF
1.2721 50NiCr13 Download PDF
1.2738 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4* Download PDF
1.2764 X19NiCrMo4 Download PDF
1.2767 45NiCrMo16 Download PDF
1.2787 X23CrNi17 Download PDF
1.2826 60MnSiCr4 Download PDF
1.2842 90MnCrV8 Download PDF
Special Alloy (CPR) - Download PDF
Special Alloy (CPOH) - Download PDF
Special Alloy (CPV4) - Download PDF
Special Alloy (CP72) - Download PDF
Special Alloy (CP4M®) - Download PDF
Special Alloy (WP7V) - Download PDF
Special Alloy (WR70U) - n/a
Special Steel (RN15X) - Download PDF
PM-Steel** (PMD9) - Download PDF
PM-Steel** (PMD10) - Download PDF
PM-Steel** (PMD440) - Download PDF
* = 1.2311 without S

1.2312 with 0.05 S

1.2738 with 1% Ni
(through-hardening capability)

** = Powder Metallurgical Steel
Our association with Dörrenberg
means that AKM can offer the
resources of the largest special
steel foundry in Germany to
our clients.

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