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Technical Advice

Expert Advice - Professional Knowledge

AKM steels offer a range of consultation services to enable you to make the
right choice when it comes to choosing the right tools steel for the job.

AKM Steels - A Reputation for Quality AKM Steels - A Reputation for Quality

Our Consultation and Technical Advice service form the cornerstone of our customer relations and the success resulting from this.

It not only comprises materials technology, but also all issues arising in conjunction with the design, construction and series production.

Tool steels are made to a number of grades for
different applications. Choice of grade depends
on, among other things, whether a keen cutting
edge is necessary, as in stamping dies, or whether
the tool has to withstand impact loading and
service conditions encountered with such hand
tools as axes, pickaxes, and quarrying implements.
The higher carbon grades are typically used for
such applications as stamping dies, metal
cutting tools, etc.