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Metallurgist Information

Expert Advice - Professional Knowledge

AKM Steels supplies the finest quality tool steel which can be used with
absolute confidence in the manufacture of a wide range of tools.

AKM Steels - A Reputation for Quality

Powder Metallurgy Steel

Powder metallurgy is the production of different
alloys by using metal powders for higher
performance materials.

PM tool steels are made from tool steel powders
by high temperature isostatic pressing (HIP). The
products have a fine, uniform carbide distribution
with no segregation - and therefore an excellent
combination of hardness and toughness.

Acid & Wear Resistance Steel

For superior wear resistance and durability under
extreme condition, AKM Steels offers a range of
steels with a proprietary coating designed to
improve inertness, hardness and corrosion
resistance. Scratch and high temperature
resistant, pH stable and with a superbly hard
surface, these specialist steels are the logical
choice for harsh environments. Please ask us
for a specification guide.

Customised Castings

Many unique or niche products require specialist
tools, moulds or casts in order to aid production.
AKM Steels can advise on which steel tool product
is most suited for your particular application. Our
high quality materials deliver process quality,
accuracy and tight tolerances.

Special Alloys

Certain difficult and demanding jobs in engineering call for special alloys that can perform under the most arduous conditions. AKM Steels offer a comprehensive range of high-performance special alloys, which combine superior heat resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance, toughness and strength for the most demanding applications. Please ask us for information on the physical and mechanical properties of these specialist products.

CVD & PVD Surface Treatments

Tools made from high-alloy materials frequently come up against their limits during high-speed automated production processes. Surface engineering is required here.

Our conventional CVD and PVD coatings or the newly developed PA-CVD coating guarantee a significant increase in the service life and behaviour of tools subject to high friction.

With in-depth knowledge of the factors which can affect the surface structure and analytical composition of the contact area, AKM Steels is able to provide both expert advice and quality products, which are equal to the challenges of engineering and manufacturing. Please ask us for details of these specialist products.